About us

About Traincons

Traincons is an aggregator site for training needs. Simply put, it helps individuals and companies to search, book and train. It is an online booking engine to search for training companies and book training across the UAE and the Middle East. This is a state-of-the-art site providing a large database of training providers, targeted to almost every industry. It also provides a platform for advertising products and services related to the training industry. Traincons makes booking training easy.

Vision Our vision is to provide the most quality-conscious online booking engine for training providers in the Middle East. We aim to connect in three easy steps, the training provider with the trainee. Mission Our mission is to make easily available, under one umbrella, the ability to search and book training. This is a first of its kind user-friendly site, which will revolutionise the way training providers and users come together. Values As professionals in the fields of training, education and learning & development, we are well-versed with the benefits and challenges of apt training. Our market insight and two decades of international experience is the basis of providing this online booking engine. We believe that buyer and seller should operate on a transparent, easy platform which saves time and money, while delivering quality service.
Meet the Traincons Team
Sharukh Bilimoria
Sharukh Bilimoria is a professional in the training industry with a focus on hospitality. He has lived and worked in Dubai for over two decades and owns a training and communications company. His lifelong goal has been to improve training needs and outcomes. Traincons is his brainchild. This emerged from the gap in the Middle Eastern market of not having a single online booking engine that allows searching and booking training providers, all in one go.
Kamal F. Sunavala
Kamal F. Sunavala is a professional in the communications field with a focus on advertising and creative writing. She is Sharukh’s partner in their training and communications company in Dubai. Her belief that information should be freely available, communicated clearly and quickly is the reason why she has focused on this online booking engine. Traincons ties in with her goals of getting to the information as easily and comprehensively as possible.
Raiqua Nafar
Raiqua Nafar is a founding partner of a technology solutions company in Dubai. She has been working in the field of education solutions for the past four years and offers free career guidance through the Career Lift Portal to students in the Middle East. Traincons reflects her knowledge of training needs and the use of technology to power the site.