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Aug 6, 2018 - Aug 8, 2018
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 1) Improve Sales Conversions and dispel the Myths of Selling

2) Practice the Art of Effective Selling

3) Practice effective communication in Packaging the Right Price

4) Learn how to handle difficult Customer Market Demands

5) Practice a Confident Sales Pitch – beating the competition

6) Learn how to build long lasting customer commitment and relationships – providing solutions

7) Learn how to build an effective Sales Route Map to achieve targets and goals



Effective Selling Techniques that work

Selling is an art! Here the Sales Professional will learn the art of using the right face to face selling techniques in understanding the needs of the buyer, find out where the product can benefit the buyer and convince them – buy-in to the product.  Here the skill of communication, leading the sale process, identifying the gap where the buyer is in now and where they want to be is realised and work on a structured sale.  In this present business environment, it is not just enough to know what you are selling, it is how you sell it and the way you package it, is extremely essential for success.

Here the Sales professional will practice and learn throughout the course, the art of Closing the gap between Customer needs ↔ Product and Service delivery, through effective selling techniques.

 Identify and understand the Buyer’s mind set

The buyer in the present business environment is extremely educated in what they want and are reluctant to spend on a product or service which does not meet their needs.  Here the Sales professional will learn the art of identifying the needs and constraints of the buyer.  Asking high impact questions which make the buyer understand the worth of the product or service, as well as giving a clear route of the benefits and advantages, opens up a route to an effective sale.

Identify and understand an effective Sales Cycle

Here the Sales Professional will develop the skill of making an effective sales pitch from the moment a potential buyer is realised.  The biggest mistake a Sales Professional can make is to put all the buyers in the ‘same boat’.  A differentiator between a highly skilled Sales Professional and a Sales Professional is the way they initiate the Sales Process.  Effective Communication, time management, an effective sales pitch, focusing on timely correspondence are some of the factors that will elevate the rate of a successful sale.

 Strategy of Differentiation   

Competition is a challenge that all businesses face in a competitive environment.  Here the Sales Professional will learn how to deal with high gain questions to put him/her apart from the rest of the Sales Professionals.  Being different in effective selling gives you an advantage over the rest of the group.

 Identify and use the Principle of ‘The Right Customer at the Right Time with the Right Product and Service” to your Advantage

This principle is very rarely followed due to a lack of market research and follow up.  Here the Sales Professional practices and develops the skill and work matrix that allows them to have an advantage in the market.  To hit a target, it is not wise to throw as much as you can and hope it will be successful.  Understanding what the customer wants with proper planning and the right market research improves and increases the rate of success in hitting the target.  It is also a very cost effective method.  

Learn in easy steps - Effective Communication used by Sales Professionals

·         Effective Selling Face to Face Body language

·         Effective Questioning Techniques

·         Effective Phone Techniques

·         Effective Leadership Style when selling

·         Effective language used at the start, during and at the close of sale


Creating a Sales Map to achieving your Targets

Here the Sales Professional will learn and develop a Sales Map that will give a clear route to closing a sale.  This is also effective when there are deviations during the sales process.  The key to any successful process is - Planning.  Identifying a route map to achieving your final goal increases the rate of success for a sales Professional.

Meeting difficult Customer demands

Meeting difficult demands is never easy, especially in a competitive market.  Here the Sales Professional will learn the skill of handling difficult customers and overcoming their demands.  The skill of questioning, leading the sales process, identifying the customer requirements will be practiced.  Difficult customer demands are just hurdles that need to be crossed.  A highly skilled Sales Professional looks at difficult demands as opportunities to close the sale.

 Effective Price Negotiation and focusing on ROI

Here the Sales Professional will learn the skills of basic negotiation.  Price is often a barrier in a business deal.  Focusing on customer ROI and presenting the right benefits and advantages through negotiation increases the level of success in closing the sale.

Gaining Customer Commitment

Closing the deal is not the end in a sales cycle.  Building a continuous profitable relationship is just as important as closing a sale.  Here the Sales Professional will understand and practise the art of gaining customer commitment which not only improves the customer relationship but also improves future sales and leads.


Overcoming your - Sales Demons

All Sales Professionals have a fear of failure or not convincing the customer/buyer to go for the sale.  Here the Sales Professional will understand and identify their fears of failure.  Through exercises and role plays, the fear of failure is reduced and the level of self-confidence, personal potential and ‘failure is not final’ self-development is realised and negated.

A successful Sales Person is the one who succeeds through – Planning, Patience and Personal Empowerment. 



1) Skills practice

2) Discussions

3) Real scenario demonstrations

4) Feedback and Debrief 


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