In-House Courses In-House courses offer you the flexibility of conducting group or individual training, arranging for freelance training or consultancy at your premises. Whether it’s at your office, third party premises or your home, training providers understand the importance of delivering a service by coming to you. Certified Courses All training providers that offer certified courses are accredited. Completing the course with tests designed to enhance your knowledge, participants will receive a special certificate from the training provider. Public Courses If you wish to train with a group of people, public courses offer this option to learn and hone your skills with like-minded people. These courses foster a healthy learning environment and the opportunity to connect with other people who share your interest. Consultancy For specialised needs, consultancy is an important service that helps an organisation or individual to grow faster. Consultants are equipped to analyse the situation and offer practical solutions, assisting in achieving your company or personal goals. Freelance Freelance trainers offer you value, flexibility and the comprehensive benefit of a single point of contact. Whether it’s a concentrated one-on-one session or a small group, freelance trainers are highly suited for training programmes in all industries. All Courses See our list of All Courses to select the one you want.